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Human Gut Microbiome Summit
Curtis & Wyss Group is pleased to invite you to the Human Gut Microbiome scheduled for The upcoming B2B event will bring together experts on the human gut microbiota to share the most advanced microbiome and probiotic research, challenges, and opportunities in advancing research towards commercialization, as well as partnerships and collaborations.

Don't miss this opportunity to discuss the key challenges faced by both researchers and product developers, as well as strategies that turn science into viable products with the support of investors. If you want to learn more from leading scientists in the field of microbiome and probiotics, demonstrate interesting developments in your research, or find partnerships and funding in the industry, we will be happy to welcome you to the summit scheduled for 4th-5th of November.


Gut Health & Disease - Gastro, Metabolic Disorders, etc.

Beyond the Gut - Cancer, Oral, Lung

Business Collaboration - Regulations and Investment

Probiotics, prebiotics and diagnostics

Personalized Nutrition

Microbiota Innovation, Challenges & Sprints


Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis

Targeting Microbiome Big Data, Algorithms, Machine Learning Challenges

Microbiome therapeutics

Biotherapeutic Products


Pioneering academics;


Principal Investigators;

Investment Principals;


Pharma organizations;

Contract manufacturing organization;

Contract research organizations;

Bioinformatics companies


Human Gut Microbiome;



Research and development centers;

Keynote Speakers
Andres M Gomez

Assistant Professor at University of Minnesota

Noel T. Mueller, PhD

Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Marcus Claesson

Chief Executive Officer at SeqBiome

Siobhain O'Mahony

Senior Lecturer PhD at University College Cork

H. Bjørn Nielsen

Chief Scientific Officer at Clinical-Microbiomics

Wei-Li Wu

Assistant Professor at National Cheng Kung University

Edoardo Pasolli

Assistant Professor at University of Naples Federico II

Sarela García Santamarina

Microbiome Researcher at EMBL

Dr. Shahram Lavasani

Founder and CEO at ImmuneBiotech Medical AB

Rachel Teitelbaum, Ph.D

CEO at Hervana Ltd.

Xiaofa Qin

Founder/President at GI Biopharma Inc

Christopher Missling

President & CEO at Anavex Life Sciences Corp.

Nancy C. Caralla

Executive Director at C Diff Foundation

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