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4th Annual Artificial Intelligence in Pharma
Taking into account the increasingly important role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the pharmaceutical industry, it becomes critical not only to study, but also to implement and integrate the latest technologies to maintain the competitiveness of your business.

The opportunity to get acquainted with the latest trends and developments in the field of artificial intelligence in pharmaceuticals and communicate with professionals both in the industry and in scientific circles. This conference provides a holistic overview of the role of the existence of artificial intelligence, key challenges and opportunities, as well as a strategic perspective for changes in the industry. This main B2B event will bring together experts from all levels of the value chain to ensure high-quality knowledge transfer and professional exchange. We provide a great environment for communication and enjoy a great combination of case studies, interactive panel discussions. This event serves as a platform that strengthens industry relations, providing an opportunity to develop innovative business solutions. We look forward to welcoming you at the Summit in Berlin upcoming November!


Global Market Overview and AI Development level in Pharma

Integration of AI and its management

Revolutionary Drug Discovery: Tool of the Future

Newest Way of Data Analysis and Data Integration

How to Make Your AI Strategy a Reality?

Predictive models generation using AI

How to Use of AI for Individual Case Safety Report (ICSR)

Application of AI in Pharmacovigilance

AI/Machine Learning for Digital Pathology

How and Where Should We Invest Our Efforts?


Directors VPs Managers

Industry Leaders

Data Engineers

Healthcare Professionals

Data Scientists

Clinical Research

Clinical Data Management

Medical Affairs



Performance Measurement

Strategic Partnerships

Clinical Operations

Translational Research

Clinical innovation




Artificial Intelligence

Medical IT & Bioinformatics

Medical Technology

Keynote Speakers
Ketan Patel

Cortellis Product Platform at Clarivate

Dominick Kennerson

Global Head G4A - Digital Health Partnerships at Bayer Pharmaceuticals

Don Van Dyke

Acting CBO at Bionovation Biotech

Sree Vadlamudi

Head of Business Development EU at Iktos

Enrico Santus

Data Science Leader in Pharmacovigilance at Bayer

Lili Peng

Associate Director, External Innovation Data Sciences at Biogen

Vanja Vlajnic

Senior Manager, Statistics and Data Insights at Bayer

Gregory Ryslik

Senior Vice President at Compass Pathway

Gabor Purman

Scientific Solutions Director at NexGen Healthcare Communications

Ed Addison

AI Solutions Delivery Director at IQVIA

Prof. Dr. Sherif Fahmy, Ph.D, MBA

Chief Innovation & RD Officer at Pfizer

Vladimir Anisimov

Principal Data Scientist at Amgen

Media Partners